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Beauties from Southeast Asia

Many of Malaysia's oldest customs and traditions go back to the Orang Asal, including the classic puppet theater Wayang Kulit. This mainly tells stories of the ancient Indian Ramayama epic. There is also the Mak Yong Theater, in which costumed actors accompanied by a Gamelan orchestra play ancient legends through dance and singing. The tradition of Mak Yong and Wayang Kulit has almost disappeared from everyday life and is kept alive especially for tourist purposes.

The same applies to the tradition of Malay music, which focuses on the drums called "gendang", which are supplemented by wind instruments such as the flute and the Shehnai, and by string instruments such as the Rebab. Malaysia's youth now listens more to pop music imported from China, Japan and Korea, and Indian bhangra rhythms, which are widely distributed through the popular Bollywood films.

The traditional handicrafts in Malaysia also go back to the indigenous people, such as the dyeing of clothes in colorful patterns, called batik. Beautiful batik clothing, especially sarongs, but also kites and wall hangings can be found everywhere in Malaysia.

A special Malay peculiarity is the "Kris" crooked dagger, which can be found all over Malaysia and in neighboring Indonesia. Magical powers are attributed to the Kris; it serves the wearer as a talisman. In many families, the Kris is passed down through many generations, while particularly fine specimens are often awarded as awards. The Kris can be seen in many flags and similar symbols. In many souvenir shops, Kris are now also offered as souvenirs.

Many men are interested in women from Malaysia and therefore wonder what character is behind it. What is your mentality? How do you feel about marriage and what do you expect from your partner? Is there anything to consider when flirting with them? The following report provides answers to all these questions.

Why are Malaysian women ideal brides?

In general, women from Malaysia resemble Asian ladies. Visually and because of their attitude, they are the dream of many men. They have large black eyes, dark hair, tanned skin and a mostly slender body. Clothing plays a rather large role in beautiful women. In general, great importance is attached to a fashionable and clean appearance, while the style of clothing is mainly western. The peculiarity of women from Malaysia is that they optimally retain their youth.

It is characteristic of women from Malaysia that they always try to be polite, friendly and have good control over themselves. They usually hold back their emotions. They prefer to smile than run out of skin. This makes them so pleasant and attractive for communication. In Asia, it is generally uncharacteristic to publicly criticize other people. It is said that Malaysian women are restrained, passive and somewhat distant. But as soon as the ice breaks, reluctance quickly disappears.

The marriage of a Malaysian woman brings with it the expectation of families. This refers to the morning present, which is a cultural part of East Asian marriage. Families have great hopes for the future, especially if the partner is a wealthy foreigner. He wants a large sum of money. However, cultural understanding is also important for many families. Those who are convinced of both points have good cards to be able to marry a woman. Marriages are concluded by families in Malaysia.

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Malaysian women are known for their courtesy, warmth and friendliness. Since they always have a smile on their lips, which is also called the “Asian smile”, they are very popular among men. Many would like to contact them and meet  women. But you can learn much more about women from Malaysia, for example, what is their mentality, how to get to know them better, what are their expectations from a man, etc. 

Expectations Malaysian women have for their husbands

Most women from Malaysia long for a man who respects them, who can give them love, support, and security. Malaysian women are often very afraid of losing the man they knew and loved. It is all the more important to deal with each other harmoniously and communicate a lot with each other. A Malaysian bride expects her boyfriend or will report regularly to her.

Financial security also plays a role for many Malaysians. Therefore, education and work are things that are very important in a small East Asian country. Therefore, if you have not only good manners, character and sympathy, but also a good job, you are more likely to meet the expectations of a Singaporean woman with regard to a man.

A morning present when a Malaysian woman gets married. If you want to marry a Malaysian girl, you should remember that the so-called morning gift is still common in Asia. A morning present is usually given symbolically to the whole family of the wife in the form of money. In fact, the family is very important in the region.

Ideally, a foreign husband should not only be rich and well-mannered, but also have a cultural understanding. So, if you have good manners, cultural understanding, good relationships and a certain wealth, you will quickly be accepted by the family of the potential wife.

Women from Malaysia usually crave a man who gives them love, security, support and respect. Such women are often very afraid of losing the man they love. Therefore, it is very important for them to interact harmoniously and communicate a lot. Financial security also plays an important role for a large number of Singaporeans. A man should be able to act as a protector and provider. So, if you have good character, sympathy, sovereignty, patience and decent manners, as well as good work, you meet the expectations of Malaysian women with regard to men and can have a happy relationship with them.

You should keep this in mind when flirting with a Malaysian woman. Most Malaysian women are initially very far away. It usually takes a long time to get to know each other better. However, once the first hurdle has been overcome, you can win the hearts of women and have fun with them. When meeting, it should be noted that great importance is attached to strict punctuality. In addition, clothing should look very neat and businesslike. For women from Malaysia, it is important that the man exhibits good behavior. A light handshake is enough to greet them. Further physical contact should be avoided. When visiting a bar, disco or other evening venue, it is important to take into account various cultural characteristics. Behavior between men and women deemed inappropriate in Malaysia could lead to arrest, beatings and imprisonment.

A coexistence of religions

The religions that coexist peacefully in Malaysia are as diverse as the ethnic groups. Although Islam is the state religion in Malaysia today and every inhabitant is officially Muslim, according to the constitution, around 40 percent of Malay people belong to other religions. The largest share, at around 20 percent, is provided by Buddhists, who in turn are largely recruited from the Chinese minority. Other traditional Chinese religions such as Daoism and Confucianism are also practiced in Malaysia. The group of Christians, which comprises almost ten percent of the total population, is particularly diverse. It is remarkable that Christianity in Malaysia includes all ethnic groups and is not limited to the European part of the population. Hinduism is also widespread with a share of about six percent and is particularly lived and preserved by the Indian-born Malays as part of their very own culture. Incidentally, it was Arab traders who first came to Malaysia in the 7th century and established the first contact with the later state religion. In the 13th century, more and more merchants from the Orient finally moved to the lively port cities of Southeast Asia. When the Portuguese finally arrived on the Malay Peninsula at the beginning of the early modern period, the region had long been Islamized to such an extent that all desperate attempts by the colonial masters to succeed were unsuccessful.

The tradition and culture of Malaysia are shaped by many different influences that immigrants have brought along over the centuries. The Malays, who now make up about 60% of the population, are officially known as "Bumiputera". This is a Sanskrit term that can be translated as “son of the earth” and is supposed to separate the Malays from the ethnic Chinese and Indians who are perceived as immigrants. The Bumiputera also includes the Orang Asal and Orang Asli, the actual indigenous people of Malaysia, who have kept their cultural identity for many centuries. While the Orang Asli are almost extinct today, the Orang Asal, the indigenous people of East Malaysia on the island of Borneo, still make up about 50% of the population.

A few interesting facts about hot Malaysian women

Malaysian women are:

  • Considered polite; 
  • Friendly; 
  • Cordial. 

They love to smile, which quickly infects. Many men are impressed by this and therefore want to meet a woman from Malaysia.

When a man tries to meet a Malaysian woman in a disco or bar, he should always behave accordingly. Otherwise, the evening may end prematurely, for example, by arrest. This can also lead to the need for a lawyer to be consulted, which in turn will entail a lot of costs.

Malaysian women are considered friendly, polite and cordial. They love to smile and are known for their “Asian smile.” Many men like this Asian smile, and therefore they only want to get acquainted with an Asian woman in general and a Malaysian woman in particular. But besides friendliness, politeness and warmth, what qualities are characteristic of women from Malaysia? What is your mentality and what do you expect from a man?

First things first: this article is not intended to shave all women from Malaysia together. In fact, every woman is a unique creature with individual desires, dreams, thoughts and goals. Despite the fact that Singaporean women have typical traits, each Singaporean is and remains an individual being.

It is characteristic of Malaysian women that they can control themselves well and always try to be friendly and polite. They usually restrain their emotions and prefer to smile rather than run out of skin. In Asia, it’s not atypical to criticize other people publicly and directly confront them with unpleasant truths. This makes it difficult for women in Malaysia to read.

They say that Malaysian women are very passive, restrained and far. Men often believe that Malaysian women are hypocrites. But are brides from Malaysia really a bigot? Usually not. Just because Malaysian women are reluctant and do not give vent to their emotions, they do not immediately become goodies. As soon as the ice breaks between the Malaysian woman and the man who wants her, unwillingness quickly disappears.

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Malaysian women for marriage

While Malaysian society may have adopted some elements of Western culture and lifestyle, a culture influenced by religion is still very different from Western culture influenced by Christianity. For this reason, in the relationship between a foreign man and a Malaysian woman there will always be misunderstandings and contradictions associated with the psyche. If such differences arise in everyday life, you should react coldly and calmly. Clarification of any misunderstandings that may arise is a sign of respect, understanding, patience and character.

Malaysian women love men who are sovereign and do not lose their heads when there is a problem. So if you are respectful, honest, self-confident, self-confident, understanding, patient and strong in character, you are more likely to have a successful relationship with a Malaysian.

Malaysia has incorporated some elements from the western world into its culture, but it is still very religious. It follows that a marriage between a foreigner and a Malaysian can often lead to problems due to a different mentality. This must be taken into account. If different views are more common, it is especially important to remain calm.

First of all, the partner must show respect and understanding. A Malaysian family has certain husband expectations regarding morning gifts. It is an integral part of Asian culture. This means that people in Malaysia strive for a high standard of living, and to achieve this, a lot of money is expected from a foreigner. For example, good business relationships and a good understanding of culture in Malaysia are very important.

Women from Malaysia primarily want respect, good manners, love, security and support from their partner. When a woman from Malaysia falls in love, she is very afraid of losing the man again. That is why they so need harmony, and it is important to communicate with them about everything. Women from Malaysia want a partner to always contact them. As mentioned in the section on marriage, financial matters play an important role for Singaporeans. Malaysia requires a high level of education and good work. In addition, it is very important for women from Malaysia that men remain calm in case of disputes and patiently discuss everything with them.

How Malaysian brides differ from brides in the West?

Generally speaking, Malaysian women are very similar to women from Asia. Outside, they usually have a slender figure, tanned skin, black and large eyes and dark hair. They are very beautiful, not only because of their charisma, but also because of their attitude, women from Malaysia have the status of a dream woman among men. Outfit is a big topic among women. They should dress properly and fashionably. Clothing is very shaped by the West. Malaysian women tend to keep their youth. They do a lot for this.

Malaysian women have good self-control and maintain their courtesy, friendliness and composure even in difficult situations. They rarely carry their inner feelings out. They are usually passive, far and closed. They would rather smile than be quick-tempered. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult for men to appreciate Singaporean women, but in general, such behavior also makes them a pleasant and polite partner.

No criticism is voiced in front of other people. But the fact that women from Malaysia can control themselves so well does not mean that they are bigots. The longer there is contact with such a woman, the more she defrosts and reports more about herself. Therefore, you need to exercise a little patience.

How to meet Malaysian women for marriage online?

Women from Malaysia are mainly found in large cities. However, you can also find them online, for example, through Facebook and Instagram, dating apps, or through a dating service. The latter is the fastest and most effective way to meet Malaysian women.

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