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Kenya is an Eastern African country that can boast not only of a steadily growing economy but also of beautiful mail-order brides who seek foreign husbands and partners. In fact, Kenyan women often favor white men over local guys – not least due to the impact of the British colonial period. Another reason for hot Kenyan singles to prefer foreigners is their dissatisfaction with the accepted social norms in their homeland. The wishes of a man are considered superior to those of a Kenyan bride – to the point that having multiple wives is legal in the country. 

Aside from being unwilling to share her husband with another woman, a Kenyan lady admires the ambition, high-achieving attitude of Westerners. Kenyan women are eager to date Americans and Europeans who will treat them with fairness and respect, wrap them up in the romance, and work hard for the prosperity of the family. For this, a Kenyan woman is ready to give her all. Read below what features make a Kenyan bride perfect for marriage and what to expect at the early stages of dating a hot Kenyan babe.

What Attracts Western Men To Kenyan Brides?

If you're reading these lines, it's fair to assume you've had quite a few failed attempts at dating Western girls and got put off for life by their attitude. Regardless of your underlying reasons for seeking a mail-order bride, a Kenyan woman is wife material for any US or European man who wants to dive into the happiness of a married life with children.

Unlike some Western women, ladies from Kenya are proud of their feminity and choose their clothes and makeup in such a way as to emphasize their delicacy and prettiness. They believe in the traditional female role in the relationship, marriage, and household. Moreover, Kenyan brides are ready to put effort into your relationship, so that it is strong and stable. The prevailing religion in Kenya is Christianity, and approximately 7 out of 10 Kenyan girls are brought up as good Christians. They have high moral values and view marriage as a sacred bond. Dating a Kenyan woman with a traditional outlook can be a very refreshing experience that will likely result in many decades of happy married life.

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Prominent Features Of Kenyan Women

Many a woman in Kenya is keenly interested in becoming the wife of a foreign gentleman. They consider men from the US, Canada, and Europe as the most intelligent, respectful and romantic suitors – which is a favorable distinction in comparison with local guys. Ambitious Kenyan brides see Western men as the ideal marriage material, which prompts them to resort to mail-order bride agencies in hopes of meeting a perfect partner. The Kenyan babes you'll meet online are not only young and pretty; they usually have a decent education and a plethora of interests outside of African dating. Hot Kenyan women are open to adventures, emotional and passionate. Read below to find out what makes Kenyan women stand out among all the mail-order brides you can find on the website of an international agency.

Exotic Beauty With A European Tinge

The beautiful appearance of Kenyan women is the result of their country's history. Located in the coastal trading zone, Kenya was the destination of merchants from many lands – from other regions of Africa, as well as India and Europe. The first colony in Kenya was founded by Portugal, after which Britain followed suit. As a result, many Kenyan women have subtle European traits. The beauty of local girls is fairly diverse: some have fairer skin and straight hair, some are gorgeous ebony brides. To get a general idea, you could search up the photographs of famous Kenyan women, such as Brenda Wairimu, Vera Sidika or Gaylyne Ayugi. In terms of stature, girls from Kenya are fairly short – the average female height is only 5 feet 1 inch. They enjoy engaging in sports and other recreational activities, which gives them toned, athletic bodies. The physical beauty of Kenyan women is further complemented by their natural intelligence and boisterous character.

Kenyan Girls Are Hopelessly Romantic

Mail-order African brides from Kenya are lovely ladies who lack the vulgar attitude that is so common among Western girls. Brought up as Christians, they are pure and innocent in their thoughts and behavior. Life in Kenya can be tough, but the hard-working character of African girls helps them gain the upper hand over the situation. In spite of all the hardships, African brides from Kenya have a strong craving for romantic love. On the contrary, local men are not huge fans of romantic gestures. The regressive nature of society in Kenya implies the superiority of men over women. Many wishes and desires of Kenyan brides are disregarded in a romantic relationship with a local guy. That's why many hot Kenyan women prefer men from abroad – a gentleman with a respectful and romantic attitude is what they seek on mail-order dating sites.

Being A Mother Is Her Calling

For the majority of Kenyan women, being a great mother is almost an instinct. They know how to handle children and enjoy taking care of them. You can be sure your kids are brought up in a loving atmosphere by a mother who loves them to bits. The motherly affection of Kenyan ladies comes in generous amounts – not only to their own little ones but to all children they meet. However, Kenyan mothers know how to be strict and assertive when it is necessary, so your kids will not grow up spoiled and entitled. Worth noting, most Kenya women looking for men from abroad want to have more than one child. If you seek to start a large family with a black mail-order wife, dating a Kenyan woman is a great decision.

What To Expect When You're Dating A Kenyan Girl

  • Fluent in English. Western men interested in Kenyan brides will be glad to know that the vast majority of Kenyan women speak English with a decent degree of fluency, at least on the conversational level. Beautiful Kenyan ladies from urban locales are taught English in schools, so you won't have to worry about overcoming the language barrier.
  • Hard to please. Hot ebony girls are not easy to win. A trite and cheesy pick-up line won't work with Kenyan babes. You will have to put some serious effort into conquering her heart, and the best way to achieve this is to show her your intentions are serious and sincere. 
  • Appreciative of compliments. Make sure to praise her fashion sense, her gorgeous hair, her intense dark eyes, and especially her lustrous ebony skin. Most black girls are over the moon to hear compliments about their perfect skin.
  • Opposed to PDA. The Kenyan dating culture requires romantic partners to be modest when it comes to public displays of affection. Kenyan brides avoid being too affectionate in public places, which is why you should not initiate a making-out session until the two of you are in a private setting.

African Brides From Kenya On Mail-Order Websites

Located on the Eastern coast of the African continent, Kenya is a country of wonders and a famous destination for adventurous travelers who wish to meet hot, exotic women. On a global scale, Kenya is seen as a developing country that still has a long way to go in terms of economic development. But compared to many other African states, Kenya boasts of a robust economy. The nation is welcoming of tourists from Western countries, and local people – including hot Kenyan women – are polite and helpful to foreigners. Wherever you go, you'll be met with a smile. The locals will call you “mzungu”, which stands for “white person” – but this term is polite and bears no insulting connotations.

Upon proclaiming independence in 1964, Kenya successfully transitioned from a British colony to a rather prosperous nation. Tourism has been a major contributor to its economic development, and nowadays you don't have to worry about your personal security when traveling to this country as a tourist or pursuer of sexy Kenyan women. Due to the tourism boom, the locals are quite familiar with Western culture, and women are open to dating and marrying foreigners. Many ladies actively pursue men from abroad, which is why you'll see many African mail-order brides from Kenya on dating websites.

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Create an account. Write some interesting information about yourself. It will help a bride you would like to chat with to make a first impression about you, so don’t ignore this step and approach this very attentively.
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